Event Cancelled

 Unfortunately we have had to take the difficult decision to cancel the NWG Network and Lucy Faithfull Foundation event due to be held on Tuesday 16 July 2024 at thestudio, Birmingham.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts events do not meet the minimum number required to make them viable. We try to avoid cancelling or postponing events wherever possible but on very rare occasions must do so.

Join us for a unique and exciting event!
Child sexual abuse and exploitation - prevention, emerging trends and themes

Lucy Faithfull Foundation and NWG Network have joined forces to bring you an exciting opportunity to hear from both organisations who are expert in their areas of tackling child sexual abuse and exploitation. Each has strong links with grassroots practitioners and a desire to share what they learn from their work, including what they see as new and emerging trends and themes when dealing with sexual abuse and exploitation.

Who should attend?
Everyone raising awareness, preventing, responding or disrupting the crime of child exploitation, including: local authorities, policing and law enforcement organisations, health professionals, youth justice, third sector, sport and leisure, foster and residential homes, commercial business.

Aim of the day

  • Hear a frontline, expert perspective on how framing services, interventions, actions and projects within a public health approach to preventing child sexual abuse can have a big impact on protecting children from harm. 
  • Learn how the trends are changing, the methods used by people who offend, and what new initiatives are out there to tackle the problems. 
  • Discuss practical examples of prevention in action including tips based on lessons from real initiatives that are having an impact on children and young people, families, professionals, and those who pose a sexual risk to children.

Who is involved
Lucy Faithfull Foundation are experts in tackling and preventing child sexual abuse. Their specialist staff protect children by working with people who pose a risk and diverting them from causing harm, supporting individuals and families who have been affected by abuse, including through clinical assessments and interventions, and helping professionals who work with families create safer environments for children. They use data and insight, alongside decades of experience, to develop innovative strategies and interventions.

They run the Stop It Now helpline – the largest child sexual abuse prevention helpline of its kind in the world - and Shore - a unique website and live chat facility for young people concerned about their own sexual thoughts or feelings, or that of a friend.

NWG Network for 13 years has brought together local authorities, policing and law enforcement organisations, health professionals, youth justice, third sector sport and leisure, and commercial business - all tackling the issues of exploitation. Their driving force is to create system change and developing cultural attitudes more in keeping with the challenges that we face today. Their team offers support and guidance and also provides updates, delivers training, shares national developments, influences the development of national and local policy and runs a Knowledge Hub and regularly collates and distributes resources that are relevant for specific sectors. 

LFF & NWG 2024

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