Weaving a rich tapestry: our languages, our world(s)

Friday 14 - Saturday 15 March 2025

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Friday 14 - Saturday 15

March 2025


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Language World is the annual conference and training event of the Association for Language Learning. It is a highlight of the year for teachers of all languages and attracts hundreds of participants each day from across all sectors. Delegates have the opportunity to listen to and be inspired by keynote speakers, attend workshops, reflect and debate as they look together at key areas relevant to their own context.

The theme of Language World 2025 is Weaving a rich tapestry: our languages, our world(s)

The Language World 2025 theme centres around cherishing the richness of our multilingual and multicultural world and the diverse, personal, lived experiences of languages educators and all learners.

There is a rich history of tapestry across different cultures around the world, the skill and object passed down from generation to generation, holding rich accounts of our unique stories as humans, weaved together in this, our world.

Tapestry is an art that requires motivation, dedication, patience and resilience, much like the process of language learning. Like a tapestry, the front that is shown, can be quite different to the reverse. One might be perceived as more beautiful than the other but both are actually vital, process and product. In our classrooms, our unique experiences of the world and the communities we live in are intrinsically woven together. We weave together threads in our curriculum planning and teaching, in our subject, and more widely. We weave a narrative into our Schemes of Learning and our daily lesson planning, we weave together cultural experiences, grammar, phonics and vocabulary, we weave in experiences from home and school, we weave in other strands of learning, we weave in what we have learned and what we are learning, weaving in a little of ourselves, and we weave and weave some moreā€¦ All the different pieces of thread, or cloth, make together a glorious piece, showing the richness of our unique experiences of teaching and learning. 

Tapestry evokes a sense of home, a place that provides a sense of comfort and belonging, like our Association for Language Learning. It is the individual threads that hold the whole together.

We extend a warm invitation to all involved in the languages' community to join us at Language World 2025. The theme is deliberately kept broad to allow you all, as languages educators, to find a thread that speaks to you. We look forward to welcoming you to Language World 2025: Friday, 14th - Saturday, 15th March 2025 at Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.




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