Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops
Monday 9 September 2024

We are delivering three pre-conference workshops, twice, running concurrently.
Registered delegates will have the choice to attend two of the three. Registration fees available here.

1. Management and Recognition of the seriously ill Child 

Aim: By the end of this session you’ll be able to assess, recognise and manage a seriously ill child


  • Understand the use of PEWS and Sepsis 6 as a tool for recognition of the seriously ill child
  • Able to describe and use the structured approach for assessment of the seriously ill child
  • Initiate the structured clinical assessment to identify life threating illness

Workshop structure:

  •  Review of A-E structure in children
  • PEWS
  • SEPSIS 6 (Including sepsis 6 table top)
  • Demonstration Scenario of sepsis
  • Participant scenario with learning and exploring differential diagnosis
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More information on Clinical workshops 2 & 3 to follow.

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4. Implicit Bias: Its Development and Impact in Healthcare

Implicit bias in healthcare is a pervasive issue that affects patient care and can contribute to inequities in treatment decisions and outcomes. Our behavior is the result of conscious, deliberate choices, and the influence of unconscious associations. As advanced practice nurses, we strive to provide optimal care to every patient, but research shows that implicit or unconscious biases held by providers, as well as the general population, can contribute to healthcare disparities. These disparities are frequently related to race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, health status, or other patient characteristics This didactic and interactive session will discuss the development of implicit biases from childhood to adulthood, present research documenting the impact of implicit bias on decisions within healthcare and beyond, and suggest strategies for the mitigation of implicit bias in healthcare.

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