Silent Auction

Invitation for delegates to donate an item to the 13th ICN NP/APN Conference
in Aberdeen, 9-12 September 2024

Donate an item for the Silent Auction

We thank you sincerely for your continued support to our ‘Grant Program’ that was established in 2010 in Brisbane, Australia. The generosity and support from our delegates made it possible to assist some ICN NP/APNN members from developing countries to attend network conferences. Grant recipients will be announced at the conference!

What we would like you to do:

The ICN NP/APN Network invites conference delegates to donate an item from their home country for a Silent Auction, to be conducted at the Aberdeen Conference.

When you get to the conference:

  • Bring your donated item to the ICN NP / APNN Silent Auction booth
  • Register your donation and tell the Silent Auction staff the approximate cost of the item donated
  • A number will be allocated to the item
  • Contribute to a great cause!

We really appreciate your help and support for the Grant Program. We look forward to receiving your wonderful donations for the Silent Auction.

Thank You!

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