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This is subject to change and with additions still being made - we will have nearly 200 presentations in live and pre-recorded formats.

All tasks will be recorded and available for delegates to view at their leisure, so you need not worry if you cannot attend all of the live streaming.

A summary of the virtual live schedule:

Monday 31st August 2020

7-8pm, UK - Public presentation sponsored by Pets at Home

Prof. Clive Wynne, Arizona State University"What makes dogs special?"For years now scientists have been trying to prove that dogs are smart. Dogs go where people point. They sniff out explosives. One or two dogs can even understand hundreds of spoken words. But the truth is - The secret to dogs’ success isn’t their intelligence, it’s their ability to make friends. Dogs have an unprecedented - in fact quite abnormal - enthusiasm for forming emotional bonds. It is their ability to get people to care about them, and not their really quite pedestrian intelligence, that has made them the most widespread mammal on the surface of this planet.

Sponsored by Pets At Home            

Tuesday 1st September 2020

12-9pm, UK - Satellite event "Putting animals at the centre of Animal Assistance"


Kindly sponsored by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council, and Society of Companion Animal Studies

Plenary talk: Dr Rise Van Fleet

"Animal consent and wellbeing in Animal Assisted Interventions"

Plus guest speakers:

Lucy Michaliszyn, Guide Dogs, “Training what TO do: Utilising positive reinforcement in assistance dog training”

Prof Daniel Mills, University of Lincoln, “What should an assessment protocol for dogs for therapeutic work look like?”

Helen McCain, Dogs for Good, “When should an Assistance/Service dog be retired?”

Dr Anne McBride, University of Southampton, “Considerations regarding owner-trained Assistance/Service dogs”

Gilly Mendes Ferreira, Scottish SPCA, “Safeguarding the welfare of animals used in educational and care settings

Peter Gorbing, Dogs for Good and Assistance Dogs UK, “Self-regulation and standard development in Animal Assistance; a brief review of some international initiatives"

Dr Zenithson N, University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, “Addressing Adverse Events in Animal-Assisted Interventions”

Diane James, Blue Cross, “Pet Bereavement Counselling”.

7-8pm, UK - Public Performance

Sponsored by University of Liverpool CHSSoHMT

Public Performance by Matt Black"The Snoopy Question (or One Dog's Answer to World Peace)"The latest show by acclaimed writer and performer MATT BLACK is about dogs and people. 
What happens when a man starts to think he is a dog? That dogs have the answer to all our problems? Join Matt Black for joyful entertainment with a great shaggy dog story, surprising dog facts, excellent poems, and cheap props. Inspired by Lola, a rescue dog from Ireland and current dog research, you'll learn about dogs' eyebrow techniques, what percentage dog you might be, Comedy, science and poetry collide!

Wednesday 2nd September 2020

7-9pm, UK - Optional workshops

Sponsored by University of Liverpool CHSSoHMT

Public workshop with Matt Black"Writing about animals"

Thursday 3rd September 2020

11am-9pm, UK - Optional workshops

1pm Conference opening 

Plenary: Prof Nicola Williams, University of Liverpool
*The link between antimicrobial resistance in humans and animals*
Oral Session: Animals and public health benefits
Oral Session: Animals in our lives
Oral Session: Animals and public health risk (dog bites)
Breakout discussions

Friday 4th September 2020

11am-9pm, UK - Optional workshops

Plenary: Manoj Guatam, Jane Goodall Institute Nepal "One Health One Welfare in animal conservation"
Oral Session: Animals as stakeholders
Oral Session: Human-equine interaction.
 Sponsored by The Donkey Sanctuary           
NIH Funding Talk
Careers in Anthrozoology Panel
Breakout Discussions
Cocktail Mixer

Saturday 5th September 2020

11am-6.20pm, UK - Optional workshops

Plenary: Prof Abigail Woods, University of Lincoln "Intersections in histories of human and animal health" Sponsored by The Humanimal Trust 
Oral Session: Animals in History
Symposium: Animals in Education
Awards and Conference close
Breakout discussions

Sunday 6th September 2020

2-6pm, UK - Satellite workshop

Hosted by Human Behaviour Change for Animals and kindly sponsored by Cats Protection
"Designing interventions and measuring their impact"

For more information and to book a place see 

If we understand human behaviour and what drives behaviour change we can improve the lives of animals. Understanding how and why people behave the way they do can provide solutions to challenging issues that affect animals. This HBCA workshop will introduce the key concepts, principles and theories regarding the science of human behaviour change, together with exploring how interventions can be designed and evaluated. There will be case studies throughout the session to bring the theory to life in a practical setting, and the online workshop will include presentation, and reflective elements. There will be some background reading to do before the event and a follow-up exercise after the event.

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