Language World is the annual conference and training event of the Association for Language Learning. It is a highlight of the year for languages education and attracts hundreds of participants each day from across all sectors of education including primary and secondary schools as well as universities.

The theme of Language World 2021 is “A rich curriculum for ALL”.

Schools are currently exploring how they can offer rich, exciting education for all their pupils. Ofsted encourages schools to make positive decisions to preserve or develop richness of experience along with breadth and depth of curriculum – for example, giving pupils the opportunity to learn a number of foreign languages and arts subjects, recognising local ambitions.  We look forward to sharing ideas and best practice from among our languages community about these kinds of curricular aspects, and about learning that goes deeper into content, motivates learners of Languages, culture and communication, and is broader than the exam specifications. 

ALL has made the difficult decision to move to a virtual, completely online Conference for 2021. Of course this is not the scenario any of us wanted, we were very much looking forward to meeting with you all in person. 

Our main concern is the health of everyone involved and reducing potential health risks for our members. As the pandemic continues to affect all of our lives including through various travel restrictions, we have taken this cautious step during a period of uncertainty. 

We will have a fantastic professionally-run digital platform with sessions being a combination of live and pre-recorded presentations and live Question and Answer sessions with each presenter. Attendees can ask live questions and also give offline feedback. We also have networking points, live Q & A and live polling platforms. You have the ability to choose a personalised agenda from concurrent sessions, and will be able to switch between presenters with a simple click of your mouse. 

Guidelines will be sent to all presenters and we have a team of experts on hand to help you through the process, you will be able to access the presentation portal to practice and get used to the technology and we will have an extensive technical support team to assist us.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support and understanding during these uncertain times. 


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